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The Gardens - Bay of Fires


Eddystone Gulch

Meadstone Falls - Flagstaff Reserve

Places of Interest
Scamander is very central on the East Coast and there are many places to visit in the area. You will be staying right next to the beach with the Scamander River right on your doorstep so there is a chance you will just stay right here but in case you want to explore we have included some info and photos of the spectacular places that you can visit during your stay with us.

Falmouth, Four Mile, White Sands

Douglas Apsley National Park

Halls Falls

Scamander Reserve - Trout Creek

Evercreech Forest Reserve


The Bay of Fires is only a drive of 25 minutes to the north to experience some of the most magnificent beaches and rocky bays and clear water in the world.
A 35minute drive to the south will bring you to the small seaside township of Bicheno. Steeped in the history of fishing in Tasmania it is one of the main ports for the catching of Rock Lobster and Abalone. Magnificent views and peaceful white beaches.

The Eddystone Gulch is part of the Mt William National Park about 1 hrs drive north. This includes the Eddystone Lighthouse and the park is home to so many native Tasmanian animals including the Grey Forester Kangaroo, Tasmanian Wombat and many Native cats.

A short drive from Scamander will bring you to Falmouth, Four Mile Creek and also White Sands. All are worth a visit and this will only take a half day tour.

The Douglas Apsley National Park is a 20 minute drive from Scamander. One can either do short walks or a 2 day long hike through the park which is one of the most natural and protected areas in Tasmania. It comprises high lookouts with huge revines and wild rivers. Very Spectacular and well worth a visit.

Halls Falls is situated to the north of St Helens, about 30 minutes drive from Scamander. It is a beautiful walk of around 5 km return to the falls and back. It is a natural wild reserve with a good well kept track.

Scamander Reserve is about 15 minutes inland from Scamander. It is a firestry reserve and a great place for fishing and also for a barbeque in the reserve.

Evercreech Reserve is about 30minutes drive inland and is the home of the White Knights, a tall stand of White Gum Trees that are some of the tallest trees in Tasmania. The walk takes around 20 minutes through the reserve and there is a barbeque area provided by the Forestry Department.

Close to Evercreech is Mathinna Falls and both can be visited in half a day. Mathinna Falls is a natural waterfall in a beautiful reserve and cascades and falls many hundred metres down a steep incline.

Meadstone Falls can be visited while in the area, it is on the opposite side of the Esk Highway in the Flagstaff Reserve near Fingal. It is a 2 hour return walk but well worth the effort as the water cascades into a beautiful rocky pool below.

St Helens, the Gamefish Capital of Tasmania is only 15-20 minutes drive to the north. Situated on Georges Bay, St Helens is the largest town in the Break ODay.

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